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ENetarch is preparing to demonstrate how to build web based applications using Ladder - Our Object Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS).

ENetArch supports clients requiring network administrative and pc maintenance from single users to 50 clients in the Metro Detroit Area.

ENetArch builds better webbased applications faster using reusable repository objects (RRO's) and an our open source object oriented database management server (OODBMS) named Ladder. Read more about our solutions, products, services, and support to see how we can best serve your needs.

What would happen if your project timeline spent no time formalizing a data model? Would it cost you the project? What if the application\'s object model could serve as the data model? Intrigued? ENetArch has developed an API that sits between the application and the SQL server that allows the application\'s object model to be used as the application\'s data model.

Before looking at how this is achieved, let\'s look at the current model in use today. This model creates a layer between your application\'s object model and your applications data layer. This layer maps rows and columns of an application\'s object model into a SQL server. This layer contains the business logic needed to create, store, retrieve, update, and delete instances of your objects. And for every application this layer is independent, which means no two layers appear to ever be the same.

This type of data modeling is old and outdated. ENetArch\'s Ladder abstracts this layer and provides the Application Project Manager with an alternative that allows the object model to be mapped directly as the data layer.

ENetArch\'s Ladder API applies template classes to your object model: A Container for objects that contain other objects; A Data Element template for objects that only store attributes; And a Reference Pointer template for objects that point to other instances. These classes provide the framework needed to create, store, retrieve, update and/or delete instances of the object model. And since your object model is hierarchical, Ladder follows the same hierarchy tree that your object model follows.

Since the data model and the object model are the same, there is no need to devote needed resources and time to building a separate data model. Even for importing and exporting data, Ladders constructs mesh nicely with XML. Thus, using the same model in three (3) different locations is easier to maintain than three (3) separate models.

Curious to learn more, register and read more about Ladder at E Net Arch\'s website, www.enetarch.net

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