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About Us
ENetarch is preparing to demonstrate how to build web based applications using Ladder - Our Object Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS).

ENetArch supports clients requiring network administrative and pc maintenance from single users to 50 clients in the Metro Detroit Area.

ENetArch builds better webbased applications faster using reusable repository objects (RRO's) and an our open source object oriented database management server (OODBMS) named Ladder. Read more about our solutions, products, services, and support to see how we can best serve your needs.

Reaching Your Dream

There was a lady from England that wanted to travel the world, so one day after listening to a lecture from a learned scholar, she walked up to him and told him this.

He asked her, "Mam, what do you do?"

she replied, "I was cloths at the bottom of the steps in my home."

And then he asked, "What is under the bucket when you wash cloths?"

she replied, "A Tile floor."

"Mam, I want you to describe to me what that tile floor looks like in as great a detail as you possibly can."

She agreed, and went home and began examining the tile floor. She noticed the glaze, and the crystalline structure, and how hard it was, and became curious about other aspects of tile. So much so that she began cataloging all the various types of tile, it's manufacturing process, and materials used to create it.

The gentleman received a packet in the mail that contained her writings about all this information. He took the information and had it published, and gave her the proceeds from which she was able to begin traveling to near distant lands.

He then asked her, "What's beneath the tile?"

She replied, "Ants!"

And she was off again, writing about all the different kinds of ants that existed. How they worked, what their various colonies looked like, and how they differentiated themselves not only within colonies but species as well.

Again the man received a package in the mail and he again published her work. This time she was able to travel around the world and live a life she always dreamed of living.

Saying of the Day

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